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Phantom Frog is Different
What Our Competition Doesn't Like to Talk About
Most password abuse protection schemes rely on counting IP addresses. This is the widely used, conventional technology.  It is not very good.   Neither is SESSION TRACKING.

Dirty Little Secret #1
IP address counters work only after your stolen passwords have been posted to public password trading sites.

You might say, "Well, gee that's great. I want my passwords blocked when they are posted to password trading sites."   Whoa Sparky!   Don't be lulled into a false sense of security.

Dirty Little Secret #2
A huge amount of password abuse occurs long before your passwords show up on public password trading sites. 

Password abusers/traders know they can "fly under the radar" of the IP address counters for as long as they want. 

How do they do it?

First, one individual uses and abuses your stolen password.  After he has sucked all the content from your member's area, the password is circulated among a small circle traders in a private password trading site. Finally, after everyone has had their fun, the password is posted to a public password trading site.

Would you share a password with the general public before you have had your fun?

How do password abusers "fly under the radar" of conventional IP address counters?

Dirty Little Secret #3
To avoid false positives, IP address counters must::

1) Set their IP counter detection thresholds high (between 5 - 15),

2) Continually reset their counters to zero at preset intervals (between 1 - 24 hours).

Because of these limitations, much password abuse "flies under the radar" of IP address counters. And guess what?  There is nothing they can do about it.

The bottom line for you, the web master?
Dirty Little Secret #4
Using conventional IP address counters, you will see plenty of abuse detection after it is too late. You will never know about the the "under the radar" abuse because IP address counters can't detect it.

Phantom Frog detects the "under the radar" password abuse.

Dirty Little Secret #5 - Phantom Frog Has A Better Way!
Phantom Frog uses Geo-Ip tracking to stop password abuse long before your passwords are posted to the password trading sites.

The Moral Of The Story?
Try Phantom Frog's Free Demo.  Run it next to your conventional password abuse program.  Compare the difference. 
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