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Conventional Technology
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Phantom Frog's Integrated Password Management
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Conventional Technology:
(ProxyPass, Pennywize, etc)
What is wrong?
1) Fails to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology in early detection of password abuse. 

2) Fails to integrate member support into the cycle of password abuse. 

Account blocking punishes your valid member resulting in an unhappy customer.  When the account is unblocked, the same password is abused again.

The web master must also deal with the frustration of member support issues.
Phantom Frog Has A Better Way
1) High Resolution Geographic Tracking is used to detect password abuse earlier than any other technology. 

2) Automatic member support is integrated into Phantom Frog. (Premium Plan). 

Member's accounts are not blocked. Instead the member's password is changed.   The member can instantly recover his new password and avoid long interruptions because his account has been blocked.
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High Res. Geographic Tracking

Password Abuse: A Case Study

Integrated Password Management

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