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In preparation for the installation, we ask that you contact your Web Host technical support team to verify that the following items are enabled on your server.   In our experiences, 95% of all servers have these items configured by default.  However, some do not, but your web host will gladly configure your server to suite.  

Please, taking a little time to make sure these system requirements are met will save us, and your web host both time and effort.   It will speed up your installation as well.


1)   PHP (HTTP and CLI)
2)   Enable IonCube (HTTP and CLI). Instructions and loaders)
3)   Curl (HTTP and CLI).
4)   Apache mod_rewrite.
5)   Apache mod_asis.
6)   Apache mod_auth or mod_auth_mysql.
7)   PHP functions posix_setgid and posix_setuid.
8)   Safe_Mode=OFF, (do not disable php function: exec())
9)   If open_basedir OFF. If open_baseddir can't turned off, please       add this directory  to open_basedir ..../phntmfrg/<web root dir>/
10) SSH/SFTP account is required to do the installation.  We
      will need the following login SSH account information:

         Host address,
         Port number,

     Please advise if IP blocking is enabled for SSH accounts
     so we can provide you with our installer's IP address


11) Please verify that the SSH account privileges are read/write
     in the tour directory, the member's directory, the directory
     one level above the domain web root and .htpasswd file.  

     Please make sure the SSH account is not "jailed".

12) PHP function "proc_open(), "escapeshellarg()", and "exec()" enabled.

13) If MySql authentication is used, we will need access to the
     password table.   

14) A CustomLog directive inserted in the customer's virtual hosting block.

15) Allow PHP short tags ... <?  ?>

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