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About Phantom Frog Automated Member Support system:

"I'm lovin' life again and all I do now is sit in the back yard sippin' Mai Tai's and workin' on my tan!  Frog is doing a fantastic job and seems to be pretty much, self supportive.  Of course I still do get the occasional email, from the technically challenged, but I've come to expect that from anything we do on the site.  I even had one guy write me through the Customer Support Form and all he entered was...."What did you do???"  After a couple of email exchanges, I finally figured out that this jackass was not a paying member and was insulted that Frog changed his password on him......what an outrage, huh?"

"I just wanted to let you know in spite of my constant vigil and my obesssion with bandwidth figures the Frog is such a quantum leap above Proxy Pass it isn't funny.
1) I've been able to increase the bigger sites daily bandwidth suspension to 2 gigs per member instead of 1 gig.

2) After the learning curve our administration is down to two or three a day for all of the sites combined.

3) Our bandwidth usage ... still around 60% of what we were using with Proxy Pass guarding our sites.

4) As I add the administration pages to the web sites the members seem to appreciate being able to change passwords themselves.


"Normally at the 17th hour one of our servers would be over 40 gigs ...

Last run: Thu Jul 28 17:11:47 CDT 2005
Total Daily Bandwidth: 25,842,225,073 bytes

And our Gordon Server would also be over 40 gigs ...

Last run: Thu Jul 28 17:11:16 CDT 2005
Total Daily Bandwidth: 19,001,506,642 bytes

Quite a savings .... how about that"

"I've never really endorsed a product before, but I was quite amazed after seeing this one work and thought that many others could benefit from it. I have no affiliation with the program, other than I am now using it. I just wanted to let others know how well it works.

After using Pennywize, iProtect and recently ProxyPass, I experimented with a new system, Phantom Frog that uses Geo-IP technology to stop password traders / hackers.

There are plenty of other reasons why I like this program, but after using this on my server at the same time as other programs, this one stopped password traders WAY before the others. You can clearly see, by username, where users are accessing from, how much they've downloaded, what browsers they are using and more."


"Hi Phantom Frog,

One thing I can say is that I was using Pennywize and then Proxypass and I seem to be catching more people with your system."

"Thanks for allowing us to test your software, we thought just by looking at usage we would find where the intrusions came from. wow, were we wrong, after installing your trial software, we woke up this morning to find we were invaded ! We quickly changed the passwords to all the users who had unauthorized entry. Then we watched our usage throughout the day.

Here is a real world example in just one day how you helped us out. As you can see we went from 21gb on June 21, we thought we caught everyone the other night and it went down to ten. We then installed your package and it dropped to 2 gb. Prior to the mass intrusions, we used anywhere from 1 - 5 gb a day. 

We thought we were "under the radar" due to being a small , amatuer website. We had a rude awakening and realize anyone is a target. We work hard to maintain our site and for people to steal our content makes me so mad! Only if we knew about you long before you introduced yourself to us. You can see we were under "attack" for about 9 days......if we had Phantom Frog on June 9th, we would have never experienced such a spike in bandwidth. The cost of bandwidth alone would have more than paid for your service. Thank you Bill, I think you have earned yourself a paying customer."

"We have been using Phantom Frog for over 1 year.  Prior to that, we used Pennywise.  We ran both products side by side and found no comparison so we dropped Pennywise.  We also love that our members can get their passwords by themselves.  It save us a ton of work."


"Sammy and I have been using Frog for a while now and it has well out performed any other product out there. We have used many in the past such as sentry, pennywise and I-Protect. I beleive that all hosts should offer Frog or reccommend them to there customers. It is top notch."


"Frog is simply amazing.  Unsolicited rave review:
We have been with Frog since last year and this programme catches scumbags every single day.  When you contact PhantomFrog, you also talk to Bill personally and his customer service is personal, timely and effective.  If you don't have this protection, you should.
PS.  I have no connection to Frog except as a satisfied customer and I am posting this because I believe we all need this level of security"

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