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What is Phantom Frog?
Why should I change?   My password abuse detection works fine.
Is my current password abuse detection really obsolete?
Does Phantom Frog have a better way?
What else does Phantom Frog do?
What about privacy?
What about system requirements?
The best reason to use Phantom Frog?
Other questions?
What is Phantom Frog?  
Phantom Frog delivers the most effective password abuse detection technology available.

How? Geo-IP tracking.

Phantom Frog is the only service to provide this technology.

Our full protection plans provide automatic password retrieval to your members, bandwidth abuse protection, and brute force attack (password hurling) protection.
My password abuse detection system works fine.   Why change? TOP    

In fact, conventional methods fail miserably.  Counting Ip addresses, monitoring password trading sites, or cute login screens can't compare to Phantom Frog's Geo-IP tracking.

Is my current password abuse detection really obsolete? TOP   

Absolutely!  Conventional technologies employ one or more of the following methods -  all inferior to Phantom Frog's suite of technologies: 

IP Address Counters: Every computer connected to the Internet is given a domain name and a set of numbers, that serve as that computer's "Internet Protocol" IP address.  IP Address Counters attempt to catch password abuse by counting the number of different IP Addresses used to access any given member's account.  Counting IP Addresses would work well if each of your members had only one IP Address.  This is not the case.  Many of your member's Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide connections using multiple IP Addresses.  How?

  1) Each time your member connect to the Internet with dial-up modems, they are assigned a different IP Addresses.  
  2) Members using Internet Service Providers ( such as AOL), are routed through proxy servers.  Proxy servers may change the IP Addresses of your members up to 15 times every hour!
Accordingly, IP Address Counters must raise their alarm thresholds to prevent false alarms.  In fact, to avoid false alarms, IP Address Counters look only at portion of the full IP Address. This makes IP Address Counters extremely poor at detecting password abuse .

Monitoring Password Trading Sites: This method monitors hundreds of password trading sites hoping to find your Web site's passwords.  This method is seriously flawed.  Why?  

  1) By the time your stolen password appears on a password trading Web site it has usually been abused by a small "circle of friends".  They know that by sharing passwords with less than 5 - 10 friends they easily avoid detection.  When they have finished downloading your content, and stealing your bandwidth, they post the password to a password trading site.  Too late!
  2) Password trading sites come and go more frequently than street corner drug dealers.  They are shut down when their Web host discovers them.  They open up shop somewhere else in less than 24 hours.  How can anyone assert that this method works well?

Does Phantom Frog have a better way? TOP   

Phantom Frog pinpoints the the exact geographic location of all visits to your protected member's area.  In addition to other methods, Phantom Frog tracks password abuse by monitoring visits from computers in different countries, states, regions, and cities - world wide.

What else does The Phantom Frog do? TOP   
In addition to providing the best password abuse detection, Phantom Frog Technology includes the following features:

Phantom Frog stops
Password Guessing Programs (Brute Force Attack)
  These computer programs hurl thousands of passwords at your server attempting to guess your subscriber's passwords.  Phantom Frog detects these attacks automatically and instantly blocks the attacker.

Phantom Frog stops
Ripper Programs (Automatic Download Programs)
  "Ripper programs" automatically download all the content from your Web site in a short period of time.  This can result in slow download speeds for your legitimate members.  It can cost you a fortune in bandwidth charges.

Phantom Frog offers
Automatic Password Changing and Member Support (Premium Plan)
  For Web site operators who are CCBill, Paycom, NetBilling clients and NATS, Phantom Frog offers an optional service. Instead of blocking an abused password, Phantom Frog automatically issues a new password.  Your valid member can instantly retrieve his password while all others are denied access.

This stops further unauthorized access by non-members while providing uninterrupted access to your valid subscriber.  Experience has shown that 90% of the members who have been issued a new password stop sharing passwords.

What are the system requirements? TOP   
Please see our System Requirements Page
What about privacy? TOP   
Your member's identity is 100% anonymous.

Every computer connected to the Internet is given a domain name and a set of numbers, that serve as that computer's "Internet Protocol" IP address. When a visitor requests a page from any Web site Phantom Frog automatically recognize that visitor's domain name and IP address. The domain name and IP address reveal nothing personal about your visitors other than the IP address from which they have accessed your Web site.    

See our privacy policy here.
 The best reason to use Phantom Frog? TOP   

Protect your content from unauthorized viewing by non-members ...

Saving hundreds of dollars per month in bandwidth charges ....

Protect your Web site from brute force attack (password hurling programs).

Save many hours dealing with customer support issues with Phantom Frog's automatic password retrieval system (CCBill, NetBilling, Paycom, NATS web masters only )

Limit Trial Member's bandwidth.  Automatically increases to full memberhip bandwidth when trial converts to full memberhip..

Children are frequent visitors to password trading Web sites.  Why?  Children don't have credit cards. Adults who post their passwords on password trading Web sites do not realize the potential harm they do to children.
Phantom Frog is proud to be one of the premier technologies to prevent children from age accessing age-sensitive content.

 Other Questions? TOP   
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, we would like to hear from you.
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