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Conventional password abuse systems (IP address counters) generally don't detect password abuse until after your member's  password is posted to the password trading sites.   Unfortunately, by the time this happens, your member's password has been used by many people who have downloaded Gigabytes of your data.  

Below is a case study that tracks a typical real life example of password abuse.  By using High Resolution Geographic Tracking, Phantom Frog detects password abuse better than any other technology.

REMEMBER: Everywhere you see the frog your web site would have been protected.

REMEMBER: Only Phantom Frog does High Resolution Geographic Tracking.

      IP Counter
Date   Location   IP Address
 1 5/20  04:02 pm   Denver,  CO,  USA
2 5/20  04:29 pm   Los Angeles,  CA,  USA
3 5/20  06:02 pm   Boston,  MA,  USA
4 5/20  09:45 pm   Las Vegas ,  NV,  USA

What happened on day one?
4:29 pm  Your valid member in Denver logged off and sent his password to a friend in Los Angeles. 
  If you were using Phantom Frog, this abuse would have been stopped at 4:29 pm. 

Our competition (IP Address Counters) are still asleep.

6:02 pm  Los Angeles logged off and sent the password to Boston.  Three people haved surfed your member's area on the same password.

9:45 pm Someone sent your password to a friend to Las Vegas. Now there are four.

IP address counters that are set at 10 have not caught the abuse.  Phantom Frog caught the abuse at 4:29.

All the places where you see the little frog , password abuse would have been prevented had Phantom Frog been used.


      IP Counter
Date   Location   IP Address
 1 5/21  09:05 am   Los Angeles,  CA,  USA
2 5/21  01:40 pm   Boston,  MA,  USA
3 5/21  09:17 pm   Adelaide,  Australia
3 5/21  10:017 pm   Coppell,  Texas,  USA
3 5/21  11:36 pm   Edmonton,  Alberta,  Canada

What happened today?
9:05 am   The password abuse starts again with the same three guys.

9:17 pm  One of the three original guys gave his password to someone in Australia.

10:17 pm That password has now traveled to Texas.

11:36 pm The password is now in Canada!

The IP counter STILL has not detected the abuse!!  Phantom Frog stopped the abuse on day one.


      IP Counter
Date   Location   IP Address
 1 5/22  03:05 am   Stanford,  Indiana,  USA
2 5/22  03:06 am   Warsaw, Poland
2 5/22  03:08 am   Liverpool,  England
2 5/22  03:09 am   Winter Park,  Florida
2 5/22  03:10 am   Gracewood,  Georgia,  USA
2 5/22  03:10 am   Ridgewood,  New York,  USA
2 5/22  03:11 am   Amsterdam,  Netherlands
2 5/22  03:11 am   Lämershagen,  Germany
2 5/22  03:11 am   Reno,  Nevada,  USA
2 5/22  03:12 am   Whittier,  California,

What happened on day three?
 3:05 am  Someone finally posted the password to a password trading site.

The activity on the account increases exponentially.

3:12 am Finally the IP counter detected password abuse 3 days AFTER Phantom Frog detected and stopped the password abuse.

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