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What do I need to do now that Phantom Frog is fully installed?

It is very important that we guide your "password challenged" members to Frog's "self help" page.   Perhaps your member's password was changed by Frog when abuse was detected.  Perhaps your member has simply forgotten his/her username or password

These instructions will:

1) Reduce your workload in dealing with member's password issues.  Why work when Frog does the work for you?

2) Provide a better experience for your members.

Where Is My "Member's Self Help Page"?

There is a Phantom Frog help screen on your server:

What do I do?

Create a "Contact Us" or "Technical Support page where your "password challenged" members can find it (usually a link on your tour page). That page should contain a link that says:

                              HAVING PASSORD PROBLEMS? >> CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: This may seem like a simple, intuitive link but trust me--it is not. After years of experimenting with sending members to the Self Help page, we have discovered a few things:

  -- If given the choice, your members will choose to send you an email instead of clicking on the Self Help link.  

-- Your members must be "herded" into the Self Help page.

-- You must make it clear that the Self Help page is THE FASTEST WAY TO GET BACK INTO THE MEMBER'S AREA

-- You must make it clear that sending the webmaster email may take up to 24 hours.

I STRONGLY suggest that you duplicate, as closely as possible the following two pages in the tour area of your website:

-- Entry Page:

-- Contact Page:

BOTTOM LINE: If you are getting email from password-challenged member's you should re-think the self help link.

Cutomize the Member Self Help Page

You can modify the self help page to match the look and feel of your website.  Typically, the HTML templates for doing so are located in a directory here:

...../phntmfrg/<Domain Name><inc>.../<Domain Web Root>

If you can't find the directory, please contact Phantom Frog

Here is an example of a customized self help pages:

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